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Inclusivity is important to us in all our studies, and that means including people of different ages, genders, sexuality, locations, education, ethnicity, religions, and occupations.

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At Miscarriage Australia, we recognise that people identify with pregnancy differently. We acknowledge people of all genders, sexual identities, sexual orientations, races, cultures, religions, and beliefs.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to the general population. We acknowledge the terminology used is universal and not intended to exclude any person(s). Throughout our website, we will be referring to:

  • The placenta and tissues that developed as part of the pregnancy, including the embryo or foetus, as “baby” or “pregnancy tissues”
  • The uterus as “uterus” or “womb”
  • The person carrying the pregnancy as “woman.”

Medical Professionals

Our use of the terms doctor and specialists throughout our website is not intended to exclude any person(s). We understand and acknowledge that the provision of care for those impacted by miscarriage is not only provided by doctors and specialists, but by many who work in healthcare and social services.

Published: October 10th, 2022