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Why we made this website

Our research shows that most people don’t get the emotional support they want and need before, during and after their miscarriage.

Why we made this website

Our research team has undertaken numerous studies with women, male partners, and health care professionals to explore people’s miscarriage experiences. These studies have shown us that people affected by miscarriage often don’t receive the support and information they want and need, leaving them feeling isolated.

As a result, people often end up seeking information and support online. Unfortunately, they often struggle to find it. Our study participants told us they wanted an Australian-based website specific to miscarriage that includes all the information they are looking for in one place, is based on research evidence and is informed by reputable experts and healthcare providers.

The Miscarriage Australia website aims to fill that gap. 

How we made this website

The Miscarriage Australia website was funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award Fellowship (DE200100049) awarded to Dr Jade Bilardi.

We built this website using Human-Centred Design. It’s an approach that begins with empathy and understanding for the people who will use the website. Feedback from potential users throughout the design process is critical. Users in our design process included those affected by miscarriage, an expert advisory committee of healthcare professionals, and specialist website designers and developers (Splendid Studio and Sixheads).

Thank you to all the people who kindly gave their time to participate in our studies. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their thoughts, time, and efforts to make this website possible.


Thank you to the amazing web designers and developers we had the pleasure of working with…


Paul Blake

Paul is an award-winning human-centred designer, coach and speaker, former journalist and occasional DJ.

He brings a design mindset to strategy and innovation, leadership and capability building. He’s an ever-curious traveller, craft beer nerd and spontaneous re-designer of every product and service he encounters.


Lisa Marie Dema

Lisa Marie Dema is a designer and UX – focused copywriter.

After 15 years of experience in digital transformation and operations, the lack of empathy or people-first solutions in the industry had her searching for more. Her full-time passion is facilitating human-centred and design-thinking methodologies for ethically minded businesses, creative industry, community organisations and local councils.

A photo headshot of Bec Brown from Sixheads

Bec Brown

Founder and Creative Director, Bec has over 15 years experience working with brands on their visual identity and strategic direction. She is passionate about human-centered design and works with clients to better define their service or offering to help create better experiences for all. She enjoys the challenge of creating a unique solution while maintaining a clear brand vision and voice.

A photo headshot of John Fry from Sixheads

John Fry

John has over 20 years of design, development and education experience combining a strong design aesthetic with practical coding skills. He specialises in WordPress development, creating custom themes for businesses with a strong focus on creating websites that are user-friendly. He is able to problem-solve complex technical information and distill it into easy to understand language.

Last Updated: November 10th, 2022