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Will I ever feel OK?

There are services in Australia to help support you

Finding Support

How do I support my loved one?

Family and friends play an important role in supporting their loved one affected by miscarriage

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What about me?

Miscarriage impacts partners too. Learn about common feelings and where to get support.

For Partners

Navigating miscarriage together…

Through our research and consultations with individuals, families and healthcare providers, we understand your need for evidence-based information, acknowledgement, and advice regarding miscarriage. We’ve designed this website to help you today, including the myths and facts about miscarriage, treatment options, how to care for yourself and where to seek help and support.

Why have I had a miscarriage?

We break down the myths and facts around miscarriage.

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How can I help?

Register your interest in our future studies so we can improve miscarriage support.

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Illustrated icon of 4 women with 1 woman highlighted in a different colour. This is indicating the statistic of 1 in 4 women.

1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage

Illustrated icon of Australia with two people

Over 100,000 couples a year are affected by miscarriage in Australia

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Every 5 minutes someone in Australia experiences a miscarriage