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Miscarriage Australia Research team

Our Mission

Miscarriage Australia are researchers and clinicians who aim to help all affected by miscarriage. We understand your need for evidence-based information, acknowledgement, advocacy and advice regarding miscarriage.

People, partners, and families with similar experiences to yours have told us how miscarriage affected them and what the need in terms of improved support.  Through our research we aim:

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To undertake innovative research to improve the way healthcare services and psychosocial support are delivered to those affected by miscarriage

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Information and Awareness

To ensure those affected by miscarriage receive the evidence-based information, acknowledgement, advocacy and advice they need.

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Healthcare support

Promote and support healthcare professionals and services in providing optimal support care leading to better outcomes for those affected by miscarriage.


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Psychosocial support

Improve psychosocial support to over 100,000 Australian couples affected by miscarriage each year.

If you want to help, we encourage you to participate in our future studies, collaborate with us, or donate to our research.

Last Updated: October 27th, 2022