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Our Research

Miscarriage Australia aims to ensure those affected by miscarriage receive the acknowledgment, support, care, and information they need.

The Miscarriage Australia research program was founded in 2016 and led by Dr. Jade Bilardi (Senior Research Fellow at Monash University) and Professor Meredith Temple-Smith (Deputy Head of Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne). They collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team of academics, healthcare providers, and industry partners.

Government and university funding have supported our exploration of the experiences of women, their partners, and healthcare providers concerning miscarriage. We are honoured by invitations to speak regularly about our work in academic and industry forums, including print and broadcast media.

Miscarriage Australia’s senior researchers support a range of undergraduate and postgraduate students (Honours, Masters, PhD) to conduct studies in miscarriage support and reproductive health more broadly. The evidence from our studies provides information to advocate for changes in public awareness and policy to improve miscarriage support.

Last Updated: October 27th, 2022