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Miscarriage and the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can be a very difficult time for many people who have experienced pregnancy loss. Strong emotions, especially grief, can linger long after loss, impacting not only the people who experience miscarriage, but also their family and friends.

Many people report that specific events and reminders can create feelings of distress. Such events include:

  • Family gatherings
  • Attending events where newborns and children are around
  • Seeing other people pregnant
  • Special dates or milestones can be upsetting, such as the date when the baby was due

It can be distressing when there is an expectation to express merriness, cheeriness, and gratitude at such events especially when you are not feeling OK. Your feelings are valid and understandable.

Gathering around loved ones when you feel upset can be comforting, but if events make you upset, it is OK to choose not to attend and letting your loved ones know. By the same token, it is also OK to enjoy this time of the year and celebrate with loved ones – it does not mean that you have forgotten your baby. Gatherings can be a time to reflect and remember your baby with loved ones.

This Holiday Season, we encourage everyone to spread awareness of the losses that impact so many people around the world and how difficult the Holiday Season can be for those who have experienced loss. There are many support services available to help through this difficult time. We also have resources that can guide you on how to support those who have experienced loss. Links to these resources can be found below.

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Published: December 4th, 2023