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You Are Not Alone Documentary

Every 5 minutes, someone experiences a miscarriage in Australia. For some people, hearing the stories and experiences of those who have experienced a miscarriage can be helpful in their grieving process. You Are Not Alone is an award winning five part documentary that explores 11 people’s experiences of miscarriage here in Australia.

‘You Are Not Alone’ is a narrative documentary series looking at all aspects of miscarriage through the eyes of everyday Australians who have experienced either their first or multiple losses. The documentary shares the experiences of couples and families who have lost a baby, as well as a leading obstetrician, researchers and support organisations, about the medical reasons behind miscarriage and the support that exists for the many thousands who experience it each year.

The series will take audiences on a personal and sometimes challenging journey, with soon to be parents, who have experienced falling pregnant and then losing their baby. The documentary ask difficult questions about what it was like for them beyond that moment, how they made sense of their loss and how they rebuild and carry on, while witnessing others finding joy through their own pregnancy.

The documentary looks at how society deals with loss and grief connected with miscarriage, but also how it impacts men and same-sex couples, how remoteness and isolation affects dealing with a loss and how the grief stays with so many, so many years on.

Episode 1 – The Journey Begins

Episode 2 – Finding Out

Episode 3 – A Life No More

Episode 4 – Breaking the Silence

Episode 5 – A Little Bit of Hope

Last Updated: March 20th, 2023